New Hampshire woman rescued after boy, 3, notices several newspapers outside home

Police in New Hampshire said an attentive 3-year-old boy helped rescue a woman who was trapped inside her basement for more than three days.

The Hampton Police Department responded to a home Wednesday after receiving a report from someone who said they couldn’t get in contact with the woman who lived there.

Police said the boy was walking with his mother when he wanted to put his neighbor’s newspaper on her porch. When he went to the porch, he noticed several newspapers were already there. He told his mother about the newspapers and expressed concern for the woman.

Officers were able to get inside the woman’s home and found her trapped in a small corridor inside a basement. She was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, but police said she was in good spirits.

Police thanked the boy for being observant, and they asked the public to keep in contact with elderly and vulnerable family members and friends during the coronavirus outbreak.